Posted by: sopyanmk | 27/05/2008

Bio Fuel Good or Bad?

by Pritta

She is grade 6 and one of my great students when she was in grade 3 and 4. Until now, we still keep in touch each other. When she told me that she wrote about Bio Fuel. I ask her to write about it and email me. Now I upload it. Enjoy reading and please give comment for her.


Biofuel is basically fuel which is made from biological material (like sugar canes, palm oil, soy beans, etc.) The goal of making biofuel is to limit the usage of fossil fuel and also creates a more eco-friendly fuel, Biofuel’s material are more common than the fossil fuel’s (because biofuel is created by biological material – which can be produced again and again- and fossil fuel’s resource is more rare). Biofuel or biodiesel are usually used for motor transportations (such as cars, buses, etc.)

Many suggests that biofuel is a way out of global warming – which is the increasing heat of the earth’s temperature, rising sea levels, etc. – (but global warming can’t be stopped, but only cutting the bad effects), but well logically, it isn’t.

Well, yes it is more eco-friendly, but there are more bad effects of the biofuel. At first, it increases the food cost, why? Since the fields to grow food are shifted to biofuel material,that means the cost rate will be higher. And because of the increasing cost rate, that means citizens that can’t afford the foods they need will experience hunger, then they will start to suffer marasmus (or protein-energy malnutrition), because since they can’t afford food, that means they can’t get enough nutrition. Marasmus’ symptoms include complications of the disorder, including dehydration, infections, circulation disorders, which are frequently lethal and lead to high mortality if ignored.

And since they burn or cut trees in the forest to get more field, that means the tree’s can be either cutted, or burned, which both has the un-amusing effects. If we cut trees, that means we cut the clean oxygen resource (because trees convert carbon dioxide and minerals to oxygen and glucose, with a process called photosynthesis) and that increases the global warming’s effects. And it will happen the same way too if we burn the trees. (37% of the forests in Malaysia are cut away for the fields to plant biofuel’s material)

So what’s the verdict? Well, biofuel isn’t the answer, as I said before, yes, biofuel is more eco-friendly, but the bad effects are more effecting to the economical and other sections in the world. So, while we are waiting for the perfect solution, all we can do is limit the usage of fossil fuel by limiting the usage of fossil fuel consuming transportation (or motor transpotation), and also limit the usage of electricity.



  1. kl menurut saya, biofuel adalah bahan bakar yang sangat baik untuk lingkungan. Walaupun hasil sampingnya tetap ada CO2 (karbondioksidanya), namun karbon dioksida yg dihasilkan oleh biofuel aman untuk lingkungan sebab mempunyai konduktivitas panas yang bisa langsung masuk dan di fotosintesis oleh tanaman menjadi O2 kembali di udara. Tidak seperti CO2 dari bahan bakar petrofuel (bensin dsb) yang punya konduktivitas panas jauh lebih tinggi sehingga tanaman butuh waktu 40 tahun baru bisa menyerapnya dan menfotosintesisnya. sehingga biofuel tidak “menyumbang” global warming.

    biofuel tidak melulu berasal dari tanaman pangan dan serat, tetapi juga bisa dari Alga bootii.sp yang tumbuh di laut. Dimana bumi (terutama Indonesia) punya wilayah laut yang luas dan belum 100% dimanfaatkan. jadi daerah darat untuk tanaman pangan, daerah laut untuk sumber bahan bakar. begituuu….

  2. Global warming memang tetap akan berlangsung. Dan kita hanya bisa mengurangi laju pemanasannya. Biofuel memang bukan jalan keluar utama jika penggunaan energi tetap boros. Yang terpenting adalah mengurangi penggunaan energi secara berlebihan. Karena itu langkah lain yang wajib ditempuh adalah:
    -kurangi penggunaan kendaraan bermotor
    -kurangi menggunakan sumber cahaya dari listrik
    -manfaatkan energi matahari untuk listrik
    -kurangi bbm untuk pengolahan/industri (-misal untuk makanan, lebih baik yang segar dari sumber terdekat-).

    Nah, global warming akan terhenti bahkan berbalik jika terjadi:
    – pengurangan populasi manusia
    – tidak ada kegiatan transportasi
    – ….kembali ke zaman batu…

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